About us


Sigma Biotech was born early in 2013 as a private deparment of RDI in optimizing resources for the Agri-food and Cosmetic Industries. Its creation is the result of the interest of its founder and CEO, Marta González, in the desire to innovate with a totally different view and get both industries to adapt to current and future demands of the market, relying on a highly innovative and distinctive character that allows companies to launch tangible and profitable products to market.

Sigma Biotech’s philosophy is to bring together high-value knowledge in its organisation chart, an essential tool that led us to currently be a reference entity at a national level. Our technical team consists of Food Technologists, Food Laboratory Technicians, Nutritionists and Industrial Engineers and Chemists who together gather more than 40 years of experience in the field of agri-food and cosmetic RDI, providing differentiation at all points of the value chain. As a result, we are able to detect real needs in industries to, subsequently, provide technological solutions that end up as improvements of products and processes of each company.


Currently, Sigma Biotech is an organization expert in the design and development of new agri-food and cosmetic products, always linked to innovation processes. We have a wide portfolio of solutions that can be implemented in any enterprise profile, from a small company to large corporations. Thus, we size standard solutions to the specific needs of each client, being the best innovative partner for each of them.


Thanks to this highly innovative character, since May 2015 we have the seal of Joven Empresa Innovadora (Young Innovative Company), and besides we are registered in the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness as ‘Innovative SME’.




Caixa Emprendedor XXI Awards. 9th Edition (2015)
AJE Andalucía 2015 Awards
AJE Granada 2015 Awards
Granada Joven Awards. 15th Edition (2015)
Caixa Emprendedor XXI Awards. 8th Edition (2014)
Certificate of Approval Young Innovative Company (2015).
Revista Emprendedores Awards. 10th Edition
Andalucía Emprende Awards. 3th Edition (2015)

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