Manufacturas Taberner

Carlos Taberner Caballer

General Manager of Manufacturas Taberner, S.A.

«Sigma Biotech has been a good choice for Manufacturas Taberner. From the beginning, our goals have been yours, the collaboration flows in a satisfactory way every day and the technical work is done simultaneously, in a simple and innovative way, with creative and very professional results.»


Tostaderos Sol de Alba

José Antonio Barragán

Manager. Tostaderos Sol de Alba, S.A.

«Nowadays, in such a competitive market, the only way to differ from the rest is by constantly innovating. This is not an easy task and it consumes a lot of resources, but it is essential. Sigma Biotech makes this task easier thanks to their great sensitivity and proactivity and makes tangible an initially abstract idea, by applying modern techniques and their extensive experience in the food industry. A great example of this is CALENTITAS, the new product launched by Tostaderos Sol de Alba, the culmination of a research process with Sigma Biotech.»


El Mimbre Fábrica de Pan

Conchi Rubio

Quality Controller. El Mimbre

«With Sigma Biotech we have worked on improving three of our products to get more loft and durability, all this with natural ingredients. The objective of El Mimbre is always work with natural products and not enhancer or additives. The project was completed successfully, a fact that leaves us totally satisfied. Thanks to the team of Sigma Biotech we have found that it is possible to reach the desired goal, existing technical agreement between planned and developed .

Working with Sigma Biotech has been very comfortable because from the outset assume the project as their own and put everything on their part to come out in the best possible way for the customer. They engage to the fullest and are continually contributing ideas to improve what they are asked . They are close, friendly and very professional.»


Bodegas Pérez Barquero

Rafael Delgado Ruz

Export Manager. Bodegas Pérez Barquero, S.A.

«Thanks to the support and dedication obtained by Sigma Biotech’s team, our company, Pérez Barquero, has succeeded in developing a range of high quality alcohol-free wines, getting the approval of expert tasters. We emphasize their efficient and quick work, as they have a team that has extensive experience in the food industry that gives us a quite broad view of the sector, by suggesting innovative and creative ideas that add value to our products. Finally, I want to emphasize the closeness prevailing in their way of working so that its development is carried out without any difficulty.»


Verduras Tabuenca

Raquel Martín Romo

Controller. Verduras Tabuenca, S.A.

«The first thing that attracted me of Sigma Biotech was their knowledge and control of all processes they posed to me. I admire their ability to take on new projects, their achievement and support in every minute of the project.»


Industrias Espadafor

José Espadafor Llobera

Manager. Industrias Espadafor, S.A.

«Our relationship with Sigma Biotech has been a very positive experience in every way. Technically, I must say that they have carried out the project with extreme diligence and professionalism, endorsing it from the beginning of our collaboration and integrating themselves with the staff of our company, as if they actually worked there. It is much appreciated that they are very easy-going, since they develop their work with simplicity and naturalness, even though the tasks they carry out require high professional qualifications. All members of our company and I want to congratulate you all for your work and for your quick integration and growth in Granada business sector, and encourage you to persevere in your attitude, which undoubtedly will be a foretaste of new professional and personal success.»


Patatas Fersan

Raúl Fernández Sánchez

Manager. Patatas Fersan S.L.

«Sigma Biotech has helped us in improving our potatoes, as well as advice at all times on what we have needed. They have helped us in the search of raw materials, packaging, suppliers and other procedures that are relevant to the activity of Patatas Fersán, saving us the time of our day to day. In the end, everything adds up so that our product is even better. The entire team of Sigma Biotech brings us the peace of mind and assurance that the job of making a successful conclusion and that, for a small company like ours, is essential to always count on them.»


Membrillo Emily

Eusebio Gómez Bernal

Commercial Department. Membrillo Emily, S.L.

«Thanks to Sigma Biotech’s advice, in Membrillo Emily SL we have improved the production process of our quince paste by complementing the traditional manufacture with the latest advances established in our company. Besides, they have helped us to develop, in the RDI area, new varieties of product that, in the medium term, will be in the market for the benefit of all our clients and all those who love quince.»


Ecotrip-Grupo Caro

Antonio Caro Salmerón

Manager Ecotrip-Grupo Caro, S.L.

«Sigma Biotech is a great help in creating new R + D + I. Innovation and improved productivity are the key to competitive differentiation and business success . That is why we work according to their guidelines for new developments to help us emerge in the market. In Ecotrip we are very proud of the work done by Sigma Biotech and undoubtedly will continue to innovate together. We still congratulate the team of Sigma Biotech that make all this possible and thank the treatment offered to our company at all times.»


Helados Nordwik

César Penalva

Commercial Director. Penalva Alimentación, S.A.

«Helados Nordwik, wanting to innovate, improve and specialize our products to still be a competitive company in the ice-cream market, has counted on the experience and good work of Sigma Biotech’s technical team. Thanks to their collaboration, we have successfully completed a research project funded by the CDTI, allowing us to improve the performance of our ice-cream at different freezing temperatures. We are happy with their work and very encouraged to start future projects with them.»


Buen Croissant

Marc Bleda Bernal

Manager. Buen Croissant, S.L.

«Sigma Biotech’s care and dedication regarding the submitted project has been and is excellent. Due to its complexity, they have dealt with it and have contacted the people involved in the project, facilitating and clarifying the continuity of this adventure in innovation of products and raw materials in the bakery sector. With these lines I would like to thank their commitment and I hope to carry out more projects with this team in the future.»


Lial Drinks

Juan Francisco Espadafor Sánchez

Manager. Lial Drinks, S.L.

«We want to sincerely thank Sigma Biotech for making possible our access to Research and Development. Lial Drinks is a small company located in Escúzar, Granada, and thanks to the efforts and good work of Sigma Biotech we got not only a project financed by CDTI to be known, but also to be carried out successfully, with the approval of external evaluators and certifiers who ratified its excellence. This proves that RDI is not aimed only at large companies, but, when companies collaborate with such a good team, they can access RDI, even companies with limited resources. I reiterate our gratitude and I am sure that, although they are a young company and have already achieved a fair recognition in their sector, their prestige will keep growing in the future.»



Sergio Bleda Bernal

Manager. Interbread, S.L.

«Due to the crisis, the patisserie/bakery sector has had a diminishing consumption, so this family business decided to develop a series of different products and change the concept of our development towards healthier products. Sigma Biotech helped us to create a series of natural colourants for their implantation in patisserie, achieving a surprising and at the same time natural innovation that gives an amazing aspect to the products. With Sigma Biotech team’s monitoring, we were able to finish and successfully market these incredible finishes in our products.»

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