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Why to bet on Sigma Biotech?

Sigma Biotech differs from other companies in the sector mainly in two points: service quality and adaptation to reasonable time frames to meet as efficiently as possible the needs of the companies that require our services. We are firmly committed to innovation and daily improvement as the main tools for companies to experience a significant growth in their production structure, not necessarily linked to high costs.

What kind of companies must carry out RDI activities?

Any kind of company should carry out RDI activities. It is not necessary to be a great company to invest in RDI as an instrument of growth. Both small businesses that are committed to changing production processes or modifying their products to enable them to enter into the market, and large corporations that require larger projects to avoid losing market share must focus on innovations in their products to keep up in the market. Innovation is open to all those who want to evolve and get that growth that will strategically position them in their sector. Sigma Biotech measures this innovation according to the size and needs of each one of them.

What confidentiality protocols are followed in each project?

In Sigma Biotech, our main concern is confidentiality. We understand that this matter is something totally hermetic for each one of our clients, so that future developments to launch to the market do not come out until the company deems it appropriate. Likewise, Sigma Biotech ensures that each project is unique and exclusive, regardless of whether the sector they aim is the same.

Does Sigma Biotech manage grants and finance for RDI activities?

No. Sigma Biotech is NOT a consultancy of RDI grants. We handle the purely technical management of each project, from its writing to the final development of the product, on a laboratory scale. However, thanks to several collaboration agreements signed with the best consultancies in Spain, we have very good relationships with this kind of entities that are responsible for managing each project on a bureaucratic level and seek funding, if the clients need it, to undertake the project. These entities will also be responsible, in case of the clients’ request, for managing their tax deductions due to RDI they are entitled to after having carried out these projects and that will allow significant tax savings.

Does Sigma Biotech propose calls of RDI projects? Is the proposal successful?

Sigma Biotech develops the whole technical part of the RDI projects, within the open calls of several national public and private organizations. Since 2013, we have proposed more than 30 projects on behalf of companies/clients, obtaining an approval rate of 100% in projects, for example, of the CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology). We are also expert in other national calls as FEDER INNTERCONECTA or CDTI CIEN, as well as in regional calls. Additionally, and so that the client company assumes minimal risk, we work to success in the presentation of RDI projects.

If my company has already a RDI department, is Sigma Biotech incompatible in this project?

Not at all. In many cases, it is important to have an external view, once the routine of daily life usually reduces organizations’ creativity. Therefore, in Sigma Biotech we act as an external RDI department, by offering the company a current view of the market trends, detecting new problems that were unknown in the company and adding value to new planned projects. Thanks to our experience in the sector, we help the company to make profitable their technical field in the best way. Hence, we can work both with companies that already have their own department and with those who do not.

How can I know that my project is technically viable?

Once the company’s real needs are clear, Sigma Biotech’s technical team evaluates the viability of the project: if it is going to be successful and if the objectives desired by the client are going to be achieved. We carry out a free study for the client in which we analyse the variables to be taken into account during its development and we draw up a report with conclusions and the results to achieve. Thanks to our experience and knowledge about several sectors, we can show the client if the development of a product is possible or not, so we keep to the highest professional rigor in order to properly define the chances of success of a project.

If the product line to develop is not well defined, who generates that idea?

In the event that the company does not have an innovative product line to develop, Sigma Biotech has two powerful tools that act as a basis to generate ideas. On the one hand, we have the Innova DataBase that collects all the necessary information on food and drinks of 78 countries, allowing us to instantly track the latest and best trends and innovations in the industry in much of the world. In this way, we can analyse the sector trends in each product category. On the other hand, Sigma Biotech has a bank of knowledge that gathers all the ideas and suggestions made by its technical team for each one of the sectors that make up the agri-food and cosmetics industries: SigmaIdea. Thus, we can provide to each client the best options so that their product is perceived as a differentiated and innovative product by the market.

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