Animal feed is the first link of food chain. Therefore, obtaining reliable food depends partly on the use of safe fodder by cattle breeders. Sigma Biotech collaborates in the production of fodder based on food products and suitable by-products, as well as in the additives for this purpose or pre mixtures, by fully optimizing the agribusiness resources and, therefore, enabling a closed cycle between the two sectors.


Knowing the laws, the situation of raw materials or additives that are used, undesirable substances or control of animal feed, among others, are key factors to be taken into account by cattle breeders and producers in the sector. Sigma Biotech acts as an effective and dynamic tool in these matters, assuring that the different processes are established under the strictest standards of quality and food safety. Additionally, we can act on negative changes in the morphology of animals in order to achieve a better use in this industry and thereby achieve the optimization of all channels. In short, our team can act on both the origin of food chain and on industry companies that aim their products at animals and/or pets, where quality is increasingly evaluated.