Cosmetics and personal hygiene are the activities, products and services designed to protect or improve the appearance of the human body. This industry includes a large number of products with different target audiences, qualities and prices. Currently, this sector is one of the most changeable ones in terms of use and consumption habits, which forces companies to differentiate themselves and head for new market segments to which they did not make great efforts in the past.


The powerful arrival of men in a sector traditionally aimed at women enables a wide range of possibilities that companies are already taking advantage of. Thus, differentiation through constant innovation becomes even more relevant. Therefore, Sigma Biotech offers a broad portfolio of options to carry out profitable products and solutions in different sectors, always using the resources of Agribusiness. We act in:


· Natural products for Beauty and personal care.

· Depilatory, bath and shower products.

· Deodorants.

· Dental hygiene products.

· Oils and lotions.

· Lipsticks.

· Make-up.

· Solar cosmetics