The food industry is one of the basic pillars of growth in the world economy. It brings together a multitude of companies of different profiles that carry out innovations and continuous improvements in their products in order not to lose market share. Therefore, it is essential to have a partner such as Sigma Biotech that supports innovative products and solutions, independently of the business structure and the link in the value chain to which they belong.


In Sigma Biotech we act in all sectors of the industry:


· Fats and oils.

· Dairy products.

· Fish and Seafood (Fresh and Frozen Fish and Shellfish, Prepared and Tinned Fish and Seafood).

· Baking industry and others (Confectionery, Flour and Pasta Products, Ingredients, Baking industry, Patisserie and Biscuits, Miscellaneous Edible Preparations, Frozen Processed Products).

· Live plants and floriculture products.

· Meat Products (Fresh and Frozen Meat, Ham and Shoulder, Processed Meat).

· Horticultural Products (Animal Feed, Tinned Fruits and Vegetables, Nuts, Fresh and Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, Seeds and Oleaginous Fruits)

· Soft Drinks (Mineral Water, Must, Other Soft Drinks, Juices), Alcoholic Beverages (Brandy, Other Alcoholic Drinks) and Wine (other wines, QWpsr -Quality Wines Produced in Specified Regions or Protected Geographical Indications-, Vinos de la Tierra, Table Wines).

· Live animals and their products.

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