The Innovation Committe is a working group that aims to encourage innovation and continuous improvement in the company. This one must incorporate different views of the company: managerial, financial , production, technology, marketing and / or sales for its decisions are binding and are implemented successfully and efficiently within the firm.

The Innovation Committee led by Sigma Biotech, follows up the work and proactivity as key points for success in the whole process. Our firm establishes recurring dates to conduct such meetings depending on the timing and needs required by the customer. Its main goal is to establish a scale of competing priorities to define organizational objectives, (which serve as a guide to the implementation stage of changes) and managing them through a methodology of logic and real work, allowing the enhancement of the brand and improving the performance of the company. 


In this way, the entire organization is transmitted philosophy for innovation, innovative capacity to achieve new objectives increases and new value propositions are set not only for the company but for their present and future customers.


Download here the brochure with more information about the Innovation Committee.