The food lifespan is the period of time from its production to its expiry, that is, the time during which all its qualities remain intact. The end of life of food depends not only on maintaining minimum levels of microbiological contamination, but also on preserving its physicochemical properties (homogeneity, stability, structure) and the organoleptic ones (texture, taste, aroma, colour, smell).

Therefore, the study of lifespan allows us to establish a safe consumption period and helps determine the limit values of the parameters that indicate the unacceptability of food. In Sigma Biotech we offer this type of technological solution, by carrying out the review and initial determination of the lifespan of your products, and therefore adapting them better to different markets and geographical areas.


We are also able to perform accelerated studies of lifespan by storing food matrices under investigation in forced conditions of temperature and humidity, allowing the reduction of analysis and observation periods. Additionally, we offer the possibility of developing a further study in order to increase the stipulated period of lifespan, by reviewing the different formulations, optimizing the productive processes and analysing the materials and packaging systems that have been used.

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