Sigma Biotech develops reports of technology watch and market analysis and studies that gather new trends, opportunities for innovation and international launches of products related to the client’s field of use. We have one of the most powerful tools in the world on the search of finished products: Innova Database



Innova DataBase is an innovative database that collects all the necessary information on food and drinks of 85 countries, allowing us to instantly track the latest and best trends and innovations in the industry in much of the world. This tool is widely recognized as a major source of tracking of products and innovations, allowing us to monitor food sectors and/or activities, explore market trends, view products of the competition, create new ideas and draw up reports of new products, categories and sectors, among many other highlights.


The search options are very varied: by country, company, food industry, brand, launch date, price, ingredients, and a long etc., and it is possible at all times to adapt the search and filter criteria to the clients’ real needs.

With Sigma Biotech’s final report, the clients will have a powerful tool of delimited and real knowledge for their sector, product and geographical area, which allows them to anticipate, plan and undertake new projects, minimizing associated risks.